Pressure washers are categorized as low-pressure and high-pressure machine, but it all depends on what you want to use them. For general around-the-house cleanings, then a low-pressure model will do just fine. However, a high-pressure model is more appropriate if you need to remove paint or other heavy deposits that clog up surfaces and prevent them from staying smooth and clean.

The use of a pressure washer can provide quite an array of impressive benefits, and knowing the tips behind how to use them will give you more power when cleaning.

Here are seven tips that may be beneficial for you to know:

1. Point the wand in different directions

You’ll want to point the sprayer in different directions, such as 45 degrees and upwards, to get bubbles off your house or garage floor, dirt off your door sills, or heavy mould buildup on fences or patios. It would also help run it directly at edges where two surfaces meet like brick walls and decks since this is usually where dirt builds up. Any algae growing on these surfaces will come off nicely with just one pass of the pressure washer.

2. Be aware of what surfaces you clean

Avoid using your pressure washer on asphalt or roof shingles to avoid damage. You can also quickly strip paint off wood, brick, and aluminum siding by accident if the surface is exposed directly to high-pressure water. If you’re washing windows, consider using a sponge instead since there’s too much risk of damaging them with the pressured water coming out of your wand. You should also avoid cleaning painted cars with this method because it could remove the paint; only certain cleaners should be used for this purpose because they are designed specifically for car exterior use (typically in conjunction with waxing).

3. Don’t get discouraged by stubborn stains

While most stains can be cleansed away with a fair amount of pressure the first time, don’t expect to see a difference after you’ve worked on a stubborn stain that has been exposed to dirt for quite some time. You may need to apply more effort into removing it than you had expected, but with patience and further scrubbing, that old, old stain will come off.

4. Let things dry before you walk on them

If there are puddles of water or mud around your home, pressure washing allows the mess to get compacted onto surfaces, making them harder to clean later on if they’re still sticky or muddy. Wait until everything dries up, so there isn’t any damage done by people walking over these areas with heavy feet.

5. Consider what you’re using

If cleaning your driveway with a pressure washer, for example, don’t use bleach or anything else that will damage the surface you’re working on (unless it’s something like an old stained concrete surface). You should also avoid cleaning rubber fenders, bumpers, and tires since they can be easily damaged by high-pressure water. When washing windows, use plain water to prevent any buildup or streaking, but this may require multiple cleanings if dirt is caught in the window frames.

6. Oil stains are not your friends

Most products advertised to remove oil stains aren’t necessary when pressure washing them away. If you have oil stains around your garage floor, wait until the area is dry, scrub it with dishwashing soap and a brush, sit for 10-15 minutes, and rinse away the excess water with plain water, then pressure wash that same area. The oil should be loosened enough to remove without adding chemicals into the mix.

7. Professional results are valuable

If you’re not comfortable using a pressure washer on your home’s exterior by yourself, consider hiring a professional to get the job done or getting advice from someone who has experience in this area of expertise. You don’t want to make irreversible mistakes when cleaning your home since they can leave marks or completely change your surfaces.

Final Words – 7 Tips and Impressive Benefits of Pressure Washers

These units can be quite affordable since you only have to pay for the unit itself and not an additional fee for labour. Pressure washers can also be rented instead of buying options because they’re relatively inexpensive as long as the proper safety precautions are taken when operating them. Owners will need to consider how much use a pressure washer gets before making a purchase decision.

With these tips and the impressive benefits of pressure washers, you should be able to get your exterior surfaces looking better than ever before. If you do this job right the first time around, it shouldn’t take too much effort or time to get them free of all dirt and grime so they can last for a long time.


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