Vankyo Leisure 495w is a mini bluetooth projector having 1080P resolution along with Dolby Audio. Let’s take a look at some of its features and see how it can help the users.

Appearance of Vankyo Leisure 495

If you talk about the colors, Vankyo Leisure 495 is available in contrasting colors. It is available in black & white. On the left side of panel, you will see lens module. You will also observe 2 symmetrical vents on both the sides of it. They are there for enhancing heat dissipation in order for them to avoid overheating. For maintaining the focus adjustment, a knob is also there which is rotary and has silver or black color.

The back side of Vankyo Leisure 495 has a few buttons and some interfaces.  You also have the option of rotating the knob. The measurements are “4.84 X 7.01 X 3.35 inches”, while in millimeters, it is “123 X 178 X 85” mm. It weighs around one and a half kilogram. So, it is really easy for you to move it in case if you need.


Vankyo Leisure 495 uses cheap display chips along with LED as the source of light. Having 1080P resolution means the image is crystal clear and sharp as well. But the brightness it offers is not up to the mark. Its 220 lumens means it is not as bright as many of its counterparts are.  But even this is better if you take the price into account.

The maximum image size offered by it is 220 inches which is considered to be a good viewing experience. It adjusts the image using manual focus as well as other manual corrections. That is the reason why it is a lot better in terms of image quality.


This bluetooth projector supports “2.4G/5GH. This is the reason why the wireless connection is quick as well as stable. It is also equipped with various ports 1 HDMI interface, 2 USB interfaces, 1 AV Port and 1 jack for airphones. This lets the users connect their PCs, TVs, consoles and other such devices. The best part is that it supports both wireless and with wire connections for both Android and iOS devices.


The Dolby audio allows the users to have a pleasant listening experience which most other projectors don’t offer. The Bluetooth 5.1 lets you use either the speakers or wireless earphones to listen to your favorite music. So, even if you don’t any of the above-mentioned things, you will still enjoy. But if you have good-quality earphones, you will enjoy even more.


Bluetooth projectors aren’t many in number these days, nor many companies are making these. So, it becomes easy for you to choose the one that suits you the most. So, in order to enjoy the best experience, there is no better option than Vankyo Leisure 495. Just make sure that you connect it to your PC or phone correctly. Also, use earphones that have an audible and clear base. Otherwise, you may struggle with some things which is not what you want.


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