Are you seeking a unique and fun addition to your upcoming New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, birthday, or other celebration? All you need is a money pistol. Specifically, we’re referring to the miniature firearms that launch paper bills worth one, two, or even ten dollars into the air.

Money guns, or money shooters as they are sometimes called, were initially developed to make it pour at gentlemen’s clubs but have now found wider use as a prop for various Instagram – worthy moments and occasions.

In 2017, Supreme became well-known for releasing a red supreme money gun with its emblem and Supreme-tagged U.S. currency. It’s not uncommon for money guns to appear in media outside of crime dramas, such as in TV series, movies, and perhaps even Burger King advertisements.

Why Is It Fun to Use?

They’re hilarious and simple to use, and you can stuff them with actual cash, counterfeit bills, or any other paper that’s the same size as a $1 bill. You may send them flying one by one with a simple pull of the trigger.

Make it more memorable by ordering fake dollars with your own text made on them. Fans of the cult streetwear brand Supreme have seen the company’s signature red and sans serif logo plastered on everything from MetroCard to actual bricks. Not to mention the fact that, for a particular type of cool kid, nothing beats showing off a new Supreme drop on Instagram.

What Is Actually a Money Gun?

A money pistol, from which paper currency is fired, consists of a slot through which money is loaded and an exit slot. For instance, the money gun could be utilized by clubgoers to speed up the process of tipping dancers.

When a customer loads up a “money pistol” with cash, it eliminates the need for them to handle currency and keeps track of their expenditure.

Process Behind a Money Gun

An outer gun casing, a cover movable between an open and closed location, the cover capable of holding paper currency thereunder, a conveyor capable of operating to move currency stashed underneath the cover out via a currency exit slot.

A tension plate supplying a resilient thrust against the currency stashed under the lid to tap the currency it against the conveyor is all part of one embodiment of the present invention.

Supremes’ Latest Money Gun

But the newest Supreme item appears to have been made nearly entirely with Instagram stunting in mind. Money guns, or “cash cannons” to give them their proper name, are real toys that can purchase today.

The box even comes with counterfeit U.S. currency! Originally selling for $88 (not too steep for those who may have blown all their cash on the gun), this item had the Supreme logo and was a hit with fans of the brand. Naturally, it has quickly become one of Instagram’s most sought-after markers of social prestige.

What Makes It So Popular?

It’s a must-have for any would-be financial assassin or street performer who has to toss cash upon the pavement. It’s popular with audiences of all ages. It’s possible that Supreme began as a skate label, and you might be wondering what a money cannon is related to a skate park. However, the brand’s loyal fans always seem to come up with an explanation.


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